Eric Franklin Shook

Green Street Smoked Meats | REVIEW

Driving around downtown Chicago’s West Loop, you’ll find no shortage of restaurants, bars, and cafe storefronts to captivate the passing eye. Almost hidden among them Green Street Smoked Meats stands apart as a pinch of home for this partially-Texas-raised boy from North Carolina. From the street, an unremarkable marked-up, mostly black painted, factory-like building with …

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Porsche Backdrop

Porsche X Backdrop Celebrate 75 Years of Iconic Color

Earlier this summer Porsche and still-newcomer Backdrop shook hands and joined forces to create a premium home decor product that celebrates in full color the 75th Anniversary of PORSCHE cars. Collaborations like this one, from Backdrop specifically, hit home (pun intended). For almost almost a decade I was the owner of a ‘specialty high-end coatings …

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Bowers Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series, a Music Lover’s First Step into True Sound

Not everyone has to start somewhere, and for that reason “high-end home audio” for us begins with products like the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond flagship line of speakers. Throughout the history of their lineage, they have graced some of the most renowned recording studios in the world. Ever heard of Abbey Road Studios? …

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Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘Golden Era’ | Sur Mesure

The Bugatti CHIRON Super Sport ‘Golden Era’ is beautifully personal homage to the brand’s incomparable era-defining moments in aesthetic form bringing to life a story weaving through time, legend, and distinction. Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook Told through a composition of beautifully intricate illustrations applied on the car’s body with entirely new techniques and processes, …

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Audio Advice LIVE

Audio Advice LIVE 2023 | BEST OF SHOW

The final stop of our tour takes us back to our original mission: to find the best-of-the-best at the Audio Advice LIVE ’23 show. Our journey to find the best that high-end home audio and high-end home theater has to offer has also transcended our expectations. Here are the best exhibitions we’ve found during our three days …


Wilson Audio Sasha V

Wilson Audio Sasha V

The time has come, and the new Wilson Audio Sasha V loudspeaker has arrived. Oddly though, this new speaker stirs up fond memories. I remember it clearly, personally reaching out with praise-in-hand to various members of the American based Wilson Audio family just after the launch of the first Sasha model loudspeaker over a decade …

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It’s Au Cheval: Chicago, Burgers, and Hi-Fi | REVIEW

Is Au Cheval one of America’s top five burgers or even the best burger in absolute terms as some food writers proclaim? I think so. Was it worth me dropping everything and navigating through angry holiday travelers and the brutal Chicago winter wind just to have the experience? I’ll answer that with yet another question: “What are you doing for lunch tomorrow?”

Florida Audio Expo 2023 | PREVIEW

SEA, SOUND, and SUN in the middle of winter. That’s what makes the Florida Audio Expo a unique highlight of the High-End Audio Show calendar. At its inception, several members of the audiophile press deemed the Florida show worth attending, even if the alternative reasoning was for warm sunny weather.

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