Wilson Audio Sasha V

The time has come, and the new Wilson Audio Sasha V loudspeaker has arrived. Oddly though, this new speaker stirs up fond memories.

I remember it clearly, personally reaching out with praise-in-hand to various members of the American based Wilson Audio family just after the launch of the first Sasha model loudspeaker over a decade ago. At the time I felt the new Sasha loudspeaker was exactly the right evolution of the brand, and a proper introduction of the new Wilson Audio concepts.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Now, with the decade and more behind us, the new Sasha V remains the dutiful and exciting playground for technology to stand proud and put on a great show.

Recently myself, Dave McNair, and Grover Neville (pictured above) had the distinct pleasure of experiencing the previous iteration — Sasha DAW — at one of the best sounding demonstration rooms of American mid-Atlantic region at Ember Audio + Design — and the pleasure of course, was all ours. Do check out the video that follows in this report.

More information about the new Wilson Audio technology empowered by the Sasha V can be found in the details below.

Wilson Audio Sasha V

Wilson Audio Introduces Sasha V

Sasha V coalesces the essence of its predecessors while merging the most effective elements developed for its larger siblings.

Shoulders of Giants:

At Wilson Audio, we have forged an unwavering path towards “Excellence in All Things” in support of our guiding light, “Authentic Excellence.” Continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible, our passion for delivering an unparalleled listening experience is second to none and every milestone in Wilson Audio’s history has paved the way for the exceptional.

In the late seventies David A. Wilson, Wilson Audio’s visionary co-founder, was refining his experiments with adjustable modular arrays and how this time-centric approach to reproduced sound revealed more information in the recordings. Using the latest high-tech development tools available, this legacy still informs and inspires modern loudspeaker innovation.

With its own distinctive identity, Sasha V combines the essence of its predecessors while combining the most effective elements developed for its larger siblings.

Wilson Audio Sasha V

Material DNA:

Sasha V has strategically nested V-Material in the critical interface between the upper module and the top of the woofer cabinet. Novel in its properties, this material provides uncommon vibration control and upper module isolation, similar to the design philosophy found in the prestigious Alexx V and Alexia V.

Wilson Audio Sasha V

This proprietary V-Material is also recessed into the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diodes. These purpose-built spikes employ peerless vibration management which clearly expresses the system’s dynamics and micro-detail.

Nature continues to inspire design cues in Wilson Audio creations. The organic flow of lines found throughout Sasha V create a harmonious integration between the lower and upper enclosures, all the while the structural integrity of both the upper and lower modules have been reinforced by the use of milled X-Material internal bracing.

The woofer enclosure side walls, made from solid X-Material, are 25% thicker compared to the Sasha DAW. The increase in dimension of the X-Material fortifies the enclosure, raises density, and is less prone to resonances that can compromise sonic nuances. Even with these enclosure changes, the Sasha V retains its sleek proportions.

Wilson Audio Sasha V

Convergent Synergy Carbon:

When Wilson Audio introduced its cutting-edge rear-wave chamber in the Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) Tweeter, initially in Alexx V, the CSC allowed for an extended high-frequency range, remarkably smooth linearity, and superior high-frequency harmonic expression. Cohesively integrating this CSC tweeter with the midrange and woofers has resulted in an impressive improvement to Sasha V’s overall sound quality.

This unique and complex carbon fiber rear-wave chamber is constructed entirely in-house on one of our many dedicated 3D printers.

Wilson Audio Sasha V

Alnico QuadraMag:

Perfect blending between the tweeter and midrange is a fundamental element to accurate and realistic sound reproduction. The R&D team successfully did just that. Wilson Audio’s beloved 7-inch AlNiCo (Aluminum – Nickel – Cobalt) QuadraMag midrange driver sings harmoniously with the CSC tweeter in Sasha V.

This world-class midrange driver is celebrated for its superb settling and effortlessly revealing greater soundstage dimensionality in the frequency band that the human ear is most sensitive to. Once only available in the Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V, and the Alexia V, the QuadraMag is now a critical part of Sasha V.

The upper array baffle includes Wilson Audio’s proprietary S-Material. This baffle is composed of a unique blend of materials that form a highly stable and low-resonance coupling surface for the midrange driver, thus allowing the natural sonic beauty found in the QuadraMag to bloom.

Premium Ingredients:

The Sasha V also features a vast range of hardware upgrades, including the bespoke Wilson Audio multi-connector binding posts with modified knurling for a cleaner signal path. Installation choices are wider with the choice of either spade or banana plug speaker cables.

Made from the purest conducive metallurgies, Wilson Audio multi-connector binding posts ensure robust connection stability and are audibly more refined than plastic binding posts commonly found on loudspeakers.

The Sasha V resistor mounting hardware has been improved. This sleek carbon fiber back plate and aluminum framed glass cover, similar to Alexia V, now has tool-free, quick-release knurled thumbscrews for the tweeter and midrange resistors which facilitate simple servicing.

Looking at the back of the woofer top plate you see a flush mounted bubble level which gives a quick and reliable leveling system for better installation.

Wilson Audio Capacitors:

Each custom capacitor, used in both of Sasha V’s crossovers, has been wound and completed at Wilson Audio’s in-house capacitor manufacturing department (Reliable Capacitors). These application specific capacitors are tightly spun and then hand finished to industry-leading tolerances. Wilson Audio has heavily invested in highly sophisticated winding machines that have been solely crafted in Switzerland and the United States for Reliable Capacitors.

One of the many advantages of having RelCap in the building with Wilson Audio is the rapid prototyping of capacitors. An all-new copper version of the AudioCapX-WA capacitor has been recently developed, raising the bar for high-frequency micro detail, and makes its debut in the Sasha V. The AudioCapX-WA capacitors, along with finetuning the Sasha V’s crossover topology, have contributed to a new standard of low-level resolution in a playback system.

Sasha V’s crossovers are composed of world-class components and are passionately hand-made at Wilson Audio. Printed circuit boards, when used in loudspeakers, inherently dynamically compress the sound. Wilson Audio avoids this sonic issue by taking the time to painstakingly handcraft and join each component with point-to-point connections.

Painstaking attention to detail has been poured into every aspect of Sasha V’s design. From the sleek, refined cabinet to the meticulously selected premium materials and finishes, Sasha V is a stunning centerpiece in any listening environment.

Within Sasha V, the past converges with the present and is the epitome of Wilson Audio’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and captivating the ears and hearts of discerning audiophiles who appreciate both the art of industrial design and the emotional connection with their music.

Visit the Wilson Audio Sasha V product page for more information.

Sasha V — U.S. MSRP:
  • Standard Finishes: $48,900
Sasha V Specifications:


  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms / minimum 2.36 ohms @ 82 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB @ 1W @ 1m @ 1k
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 32 kHz +/- 3 dB room average response [RAR]
  • Minimum Amplification Power Recommended: 20 watts/channel


  • Woofer: 8 inches (20.32 cm) Cone Material: Paper Pulp
  • Midrange: 7 inches (17.78 cm) Cone Material: Paper Pulp Composite
  • Tweeter: 1 inch, Dome (2.54 cm) Material: Doped Silk Fabric


  • Height: 47 9/32 inches (120.07 cm) w/spikes [Variable]
  • Height: 45 1/16 inches (114.48 cm) w/o spikes [Variable]
  • Width: 14 1/2 inches (36.83 cm)
  • Depth: 23 15/16 inches (60.78 cm)

Enclosure Type:

  • Woofer: (Rear ported) Material: X-Material
  • Midrange/Tweeter: (Rear vented) Material: X-Material/Mid-Range baffle “S-Material”
  • Damping Inserts: Material: V-Material
  • -Woofer Top / Acoustic Diodes

Product Weight:

  • Weight Per Channel Uncrated: 245 lbs (111.13 kg)
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 760 lbs (344.73 kg)
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