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Munich High End 2024 will proudly host the unveiling of the new YG Acoustics XV 3 Signature, in its first ever, world debut, emerging as the apotheosis of the brand’s iconic XV 3 flagship.

The four towers of XV 3 already bestow unparalleled audio excellence. It’s capable of huge scale and authority yet renders the minutest of sonic nuances with crystalline clarity. It astonishes with its innovative hybrid Lattice tweeter, crafted from aerospace alloy for minimal distortion, third-generation Ultracoherent™ crossovers for unparalleled performance, and BilletCore™ drivers with unmatched precision and clarity. Listeners of this limited reference edition receive emotive resonance—goosebumps and an insatiable desire to indulge in their music for more. This new XV 3 Signature is built better.

Reporting by Zion-Grace Rosareal

Crafted from the quest for sonic superiority, the XV 3 Signature is a limited edition piece comprising just eight pairs—emblematic of YG Acoustic’s relentless pursuit of engineering perfection.

At the heart of XV 3 Signature are these two breakthroughs:

  • A groundbreaking leap in capacitor design, featuring a special copper alloy foil and advanced dielectric
  • Precision at the microscale: each pair has been through rigorous tuning spanning weeks at YG Acoustic’s R&D facility, carefully overseen by CEO Dr. Matthew Webster

These breakthroughs involve iterative measurement, modeling, and customization process of several custom-built crossover components for every loudspeaker to match and deliver the highest audio performance possible. It’s sweating the small stuff because every tiny change makes (or breaks) the YG Acoustics quality.

XV 3 Signature’s aesthetic is distinguished by resplendent gold-plated emblem trapezoids and personalized dedication panels signed by Dr. Webster and the R&D artisans. With the luxury loudspeaker bar set even higher, the XV 3 Signature stands as YG’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology.

Witness the world debut of the XV 3 Signature this week at the High-End Munich show, in partnership with Boulder Amplifiers, Siltech Cables, Hifistay, and Bel Canto Design. Bask in the system’s sonic glory in Room E218 on floor Atrium 4.2, powered by immense Boulder 3050 monoblock amplifiers.

Press Release

YG Unveils the XV 3 Signature: Redefining Audio Perfection

Denver, CO – May 3, 2024 – YG Acoustics is proud to introduce the XV 3 Signature, a new pinnacle of sound reproduction technology. Born from the relentless pursuit of perfection, the XV 3 Signature is an extreme version of the acclaimed XV 3 flagship, delivering an unparalleled musical experience.

The four tower XV 3 already offers an extraordinary level of performance, enveloping listeners in a breathtaking audio landscape. It is capable of huge scale and authority, yet renders the finest micro-details with astonishing clarity and precision. Most importantly, it delivers that critical sense of musical involvement that is expressed in goosebumps and an addictive desire to continue listening for hour after hour.

XV 3 Signature is a limited edition of just eight pairs pushing that performance yet further, demonstrating an exercise in obsessive perfection. Painstakingly built and tuned at our R&D facility, XV 3 Signature is so extreme that it was never intended to enter production, and its origins help explain its truly exceptional nature.

“Our goal at YG has always been to push the boundaries of audio technology,” says Dr. Matthew Webster, YG’s CEO and chief designer. “The major research project that led to the XV 3 Signature brought together component innovations with a revolutionary approach to building and tuning loudspeakers. The final performance exceeded our wildest expectations.”

Central to the XV 3 Signature’s unparalleled performance are two revolutionary advancements. 

The first is a breakthrough in capacitor design with a special copper alloy foil and advanced dielectric, offering a level of performance previously thought unattainable. 

The second is a meticulous pursuit of perfection at the smallest scale: each pair undergoes a detailed tuning process over many weeks at our R&D facility, personally overseen by Dr. Webster. Driven by iterative measurement, modeling and listening, custom crossover components are built for each pair, carefully tuned and matched to deliver the very highest possible performance. Every change is subtle: often a fraction of one percent of the component value. Yet together, the result is incredible.

The XV 3 Signature is distinguished by a jewelry gold plated trapezoid and personalized dedication panel. Each crossover board and the dedication panel are signed by Dr. Webster and the R&D team responsible for that pair of speakers.

The XV 3 Signature is not just a speaker; it is an expression of uncompromising dedication to sonic perfection. With only eight pairs available worldwide, this limited edition masterpiece stands as a testament to YG’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in high-end audio.


YG Acoustics will debut the new XV 3 Signature this week at the High-End Munich show, alongside partners Boulder Amplifiers, Siltech Cables, Hifistay and Bel Canto.

Located on the top level of Atrium 4, the new speakers will have room to breathe in the large space in room E218 on floor Atrium 4.2. The immense and magnificent Boulder 3050 monoblocks will provide the power, in the first European show demonstration ever of their flagship model.

About YG Acoustics

Founded in 2002, YG Acoustics is one of the leading manufacturers in the high-end audio industry. Everyone at YG loves music and our loudspeakers reflect our passion: they provide the most accurate, most musical performance possible today. With industry-leading R&D and simulation capabilities, combined with a state-of-the art 20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, YG continues to push the boundaries of audio technology, delivering products that redefine the listening experience.


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