Celebrating its 20th anniversary, YG Acoustics will present their first active world debut of the XX Live system at Munich High-End 2024.


The YG Acoustics XX Live stands at the pinnacle of YG’s engineering efforts, born from an extensive multi-year research and development process. This four-way, eight-driver loudspeaker system delivers the sound quality and realism of the finest audiophile separates, featuring state-of-the-art DAC technologies, advanced DSP crossovers and impulse correction, and a more than robust 700 watts of amplification for each of its 8 drivers per channel.


Built in partnership with Bel Canto Design, the YG Acoustics XX Live sets new standards for bandwidth, phase coherence, impulse accuracy, and exceptionally low distortion in a convenient, all-in-one, lifestyle-friendly package. This system occupies the truly rarified air at the very top end in the world of endgame active speaker systems. 


Experience the latest auditory experience from YG Acoustics. Be sure to check the demonstration schedule by the door of exhibit room E218 on floor Atrium 4.2, showcased alongside their new XV 3 Signature.


About The High End Munich
The High End Munich is an internationally renowned trade fair for high-quality consumer electronics, which takes place annually at the MOC event center in Munich. The MOC Veranstaltungscenter is a modern, multifunctional event venue with excellent transport links and a large selection of hotels and restaurants in the area. First launched in 1982, the trade fair has since established itself as one of the most important industry events. The High End Munich is organized by High End Society Service GmbH, an organizer specialized in events in the field of consumer electronics.


The focus industries of the show include hi-fi audio, high-end video, home theater, and bespoke entertainment solutions for discerning consumers. High End Munich is known for the wide range of exhibitors presenting high-quality audio and video products, innovative technologies, and individual solutions. Highlights for visitors include excellent sound experiences and impressive product presentations. As a world-renowned audio trade fair, the High End sets the undisputed benchmark for first-class music reproduction and thus sets the tone for the industry.


The HIGH END will take place on 4 days from Thursday, 09. May to Sunday, 12. May 2024 in Munich.



Reporting by Zion-Grace Rosareal

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