TriangleArt (link) single-brand exhibits are a consistent favourite among audiophiles and high-end audio press writers. Is it the gold bling that wins us over? Is it the charming master-of-ceremonies and founder Tom Vu? Is it the nearly flawless execution across such a wide range of audio products that impresses us most? Yes, yes, and yes.

On display: a seriously capable system of TriangleArt components.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

For most of us, this was the first showing of the new TriangleArt METIS loudspeaker that was teased back in 2021 before audio shows resumed coming out of the pandemic precautions and lockdowns.

Florida Audio Expo

The System

METIS Horn Loudspeaker $60K
Maestro Turntable $9K
Anubis Turntable $18K
Master Reference Turntable $48K
Osiris Diamond 12″ Tonearm $9K
Horus 12″ Tonearm $4.4K
Apollo MC Cartridge $9K
Zeus MC Cartridge $4.8K
P200 Tube Phono Stage $18K
L200 Mk2 Tube Line Stage $25K
M100 Tube Monoblock $25K
RA Ultimate AC Power Filter $12K
RHEA Reference Interconnect $3K
RHEA Reference Power Cord $3K
RHEA Reference Speaker Cable $6K

So, let’s get back to the METIS horn loudspeaker. The walnut horn atop the cabinet features a 6.5-inch Beyma driver that covers the crucial upper-mid/bass and midrange frequencies from 200 Hz to 1.6 kHz. Below that, a RAAL ribbon array tweeter carries the treble duties out to 60 kHz, well beyond human hearing, but within the limits of aliasing distortion. A stout 15-inch woofer loaded into a reflex enclosure rounds out this three-way behemoth of a loudspeaker. Reported efficiency and power handling are both super impressive.

Was this more of a product showcase than it was the perfect delivery of audiophile sonics? Sadly, yes.

I’m not saying the sound in this room wasn’t telling of what was possible, but that it was a system display that I’m sure anyone would agree deserved more room to breathe and more room to flex its muscle. Speaker placement was indeed less than ideal. Leading me to my first complaint about the current location of the Florida Audio Expo — there just aren’t enough medium size rooms. It’s either large or small. And the large are few in number.

Florida Audio Expo

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