Destination Sound Group (link) was upping the ante for the Florida Audio Expo 2023. A year earlier in 2022 Destination Sound Group was making waves with their VAC Integrated, LampizatOr DAC, Tobian Sound Systems 12FH loudspeakers, and Final Touch Audio cables. A considerably sized consensus was formed among press writers that the system was one of the best of the show.

On display: speakers by Tobian Sound Systems, digital from LampizatOr, electronics from Westminster Lab, support from Critical Mass Systems, and tethering from Final Touch Audio.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Leading into 2023’s Florida Audio Expo several writers, myself included, were wondering impatiently as to what was going to come next from Destination Sound Group. It was an encore performance (of sorts), with some new players added to the mix, and an overall elevated experience.

Florida Audio Expo

The System

Tobian Sound Systems 12 Signature Edition Horn Speakers – $50,000
LampizatOr Horizon DAC – $49,000
LampizatOr Gulfstream Music Server – $8000
Westminster Lab Rei class A mono amplifiers (100wpc) – $33,600
Westminster Lab Quest preamplifier – $23,900
Critical Mass Systems – Ultra Q audio rack – approximately $23,000 as shown
Critical Mass Systems – Center Stage Ultra TT footers – $825 each
Critical Mass Systems – Center Stage Ultra TD footers – $665 each
Final Touch Audio – SiNOPE USB Cable – $1,500
Final Touch Audio – Elara Power cords – $825
Final Touch Audio – Ganymede Balanced Interconnects – $3150

From the German based Tobian Sound Systems the new 12 Signature Horn Speakers, which feature 99db 1w/1m efficiency, 800 watt power handling, and a 4-inch horn loaded high-frequency compression driver atop a high volume enclosure than houses a 12-inch woofer. Frequency range is reported to cover 20Hz at the low end, up to 22kHz at the high end.

As far as two-way horn loaded speaker systems go, the new 12 Signature from Tobian Sound Systems for now sits near the top of my all-time list for horn imaging. Sitting in the sweet spot was enveloping, dramatic, and addictive. Consider the ante fully upped.

From the Hong Kong based Westminster Lab, a suite of uniquely refreshing high-power designs. The Quest preamplifier takes a svelte and minimalist approach to product design. The Rei monoblock amplifiers employ proprietary iBias and CCS systems. What does that mean? The Rei will warm up much faster than other typical Class-A amplifiers, and the iBias technology constantly varies the bias depending on the current and also the loading of the amplifier. Power output is reported at up to 400 peak watts per channel.

From the US based Critical Mass Systems a duo of the all-new Ultra Q series racks and footers which set a new benchmark for design and performance. Featuring seven times greater mass, greater stability, a promised lower noise floor and isolation. Racks matter.

Florida Audio Expo

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