TIDAL Audio (and Vimberg for that matter) were present in several rooms, including the ultra-precise yet smooth Wynn Audio room where Vimberg was on display in one of the larger ballrooms, and the Bricasti Design and TIDAL Audio system in one of the atrium hotel rooms. Showing was a full stack of Bricasti M1 and M3 DACs, M20 and M21 Preamplifiers and M28 Monoblocks, alongside the TIDAL Audio Piano G2 speakers.

A factoid of note: Bricasti Design owns three pairs of TIDAL speakers, and uses a pair of special finish TIDAL Contriva to develop and voice the electronics.

Reporting by Grover Neville

The sound was TIDAL through and through — complete refinement and a tonality like pure water from top to bottom, with that iconic TIDAL high frequency sound that is frankly best described as sounding ‘expensive.’ TIDAL speakers elevate musical experiences in a way that’s hard to describe, and if you haven’t heard a pair yet, you owe yourself the favor of an audition. Starting Yesterday.


Equally at home with the these high-end loudspeakers were the aforementioned Bricasti electronics. I’m fairly familiar with the M7 Reverb unit and control units from my work in the music and film industry, but less so with the amplifiers and D/A converter. To my ears they had that trademark linearity with a hint of richness, depth and smooth treble that Bricasti is known for. Very nice.


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