Suncoast Audio (link) is a Florida based dealer, and co-organizer of the Florida Audio Expo. Suncoast Audio’s retail wisdom and sense of urgency is why this small regional show has that big-show feel. It’s organized, labeled, and easy to navigate. Credit to the whole FLAX team for putting forth such a noteworthy event.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

On display: speakers from Clarisys, electronics from Hegel, digital from Aurender and Lumin, analog by Rega UK and Pass Labs, power shaping by Shunyata Research, and racks from Critical Mass Systems.

Florida Audio Expo

One of my favourite people to see at the Florida show every year is Mike Malley of Suncoast Audio — his exhibit rooms always have something special about them. I don’t know if it’s just knowledge of how systems fit together with a room or further knowledge on how the components themselves interact best with each other. It’s probably both, and a few other things I am missing.

Editor’s Note: Speaking of missing, my camera batteries died while in the room, and I was off to the next room before I remembered that I was short on photos (and pricing) for this room. Sorry. It won’t ever happen again.

What must be conveyed here, is how clear and focused this smaller Clarisys system sounded. While the larger downstairs version of a Clarisys system was stealing all the attention, I felt this particular small exhibit was in most ways the better executed of the two.

Florida Audio Expo

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