Scott Walker Audio (link), an Anaheim, California dealer teamed up with Synergistic Research of Fountain Valley, California to put on one of their famous tweak-fest demonstrations that covers every conceivable avenue of audiophile tweakdom. From power conditioning, acoustic room treatments, racks, shelves, grounding, cables — with nearly all categories toiling in both active and inactive devices. It’s always a cornucopia of reticent murmurs: “Did you hear that? I think I heard that. I heard it too. It’s definitely something different. Do it again?” 

Whether you don’t believe it, know it to be true, or just don’t want to risk it: Ted Denney leaves no special sector of audiophile space-time or the audiophile mind untouched.

On display: speakers by Von Schweikert, electronics by VAC, digital by Berkeley Audio Design, turntable by VPI Industries, and enough Synergistic Research acoustical treatments to trigger an avalanche in the comment section (hint, hint).

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Personally, I find every bit of this hobby interesting as f–k and worthy of writing about. Characters like Ted Denney keep high-end audio as interesting as it’s ever been and keep us audiophiles talking. And as for us hi-fi writers, he just hopes that we spell his name right.

It’s Denney, not Denny.

Florida Audio Expo

Doing the heavy lifting, VAC’s Master Signature Preamplifier w/Phono Stage ($44K), VAC’s Master 300 Monoblock amplifiers ($37K ea), and Von Schweikert’s Endeavor SE ($31K pair) in a bright red supercar finish.

Listening? Yep. It does everything you’d ever want a high-end or possibly ultra-fi system to do with considerable cost savings in contrast to the latter category. Cost however is not really an issue in this arena, but for those in the rarefied air this system (as shown) still exhibits tremendous value attributes.

Don’t believe me? CLICK HERE

Florida Audio Expo

Florida Audio Expo

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