Mon Acoustic (link) of California assembled a small system that featured a trio of monitor loudspeakers and some unique cabling. The trio of loudspeakers come directly from Mon Acoustic and feature aluminum baffles and cabinet materials. The cabling and power products come from Sanctus Cables (link) of South Korea.

On display: streaming for Aurender, digital conversion and electronics from Chord Electronics UK, loudspeakers by Mon Acoustic, and cabling from Sanctus Cable.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

For three years now our own Jameson Mourafetis has been ogling the Sanctus Cables, purely for their aesthetics. And I have to agree, they are some of the most intriguing designs we’ve seen in years. Especially the power distribution products.

Florida Audio Expo

The Sanctus Cable Formula 3 Power Distributor may have stolen the show visually with the Formula 3 Power Cables also making their case for “look at me” styling. But for us, it was about the noise floor. With the F3 power distributor including an in-unit grounding function and external devices that work to eliminate noise, we felt that if the solution from Sanctus may have more substance than previously anticipated. Good show!

However, the real surprise of this exhibit and possibly the entire show came from Mon Acoustic who was showcasing three aluminum monitor speakers. From smallest to largest: the Supermon Mini, The PlatiMon Virtual Coaxial One, and finally the Supermon.

The Supermon Mini we actually never heard in the system, but were impressed by its weight and level of finish details. No rough cuts or shortcuts taken.

The PlatiMon Virtual Coaxial One, an MTM monitor we did hear briefly, and it’s sound wasn’t quite enticing enough for our tastes. Giving it a fair shake, I think it’s probably tuned or more suited for the pro audio market, but I could be wrong. Your mileage may vary.

The Supermon we heard and loved. It’s a large 2.5-way monitor that features an isobaric loading of its mid-woofer and woofer drivers. Weight of both speaker and stand combine to 142 lbs, its 4-ohm and nominal 89db sensitivity do hint at flexible amplifier matching. Its reported pricing of $25K speaks to its quality.

During our listening session, we were quite thrilled with the Supermon’s composure at volume, smooth and inviting presentation, along with its coverage of dynamic swings in the music. The reported frequency response is rated from 37 Hz to 25 kHz.

Florida Audio Expo

Florida Audio Expo

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