House of Stereo (link) a Jacksonville, Florida High-End Audio dealer was celebrating their new showroom by showing large in their home state. One of their audio exhibits featured several brands that I’m quite fond of for a few reasons. The first reason being that all of the brands in this room exude everything you expect from high-end bespoke gear, up to and including sound performance. Reason two, they do it at prices uncommon for such luxury trimmings. So, for those with deep pockets and short arms like myself, pay attention.

On display and in congress: Triangle speakers, Electrocompaniet electronics, turntable by VPI Industries, cables by Wireworld, and someone snuck in a Synergistic Research Powercell 12sx.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

New is always the news at high-end audio shows, and the exhibit from House of Stereo didn’t fall short on that promise. Showcasing “new” in both electronics and loudspeakers.

Florida Audio Expo

From the France based Triangle speakers, two new models, representing a 40th Anniversary edition floorstanders and bookshelf speakers that push higher technology and finishing. First, playing an active role in their exhibit system, the Magellan Quatuor 40TH floorstander. The new Magellan flagship features a new Magnesium alloy dome in its front facing horn loaded tweeter, along with a rear firing ambience tweeter, that is unique to this edition of Magellan models. Retail is reported at $20,000 a pair USD.

Also on display (pictured below) from Triangle speakers, a pair of Magellan Duetto 40TH bookshelf speakers, that feature the same new alloy dome in their horn loaded tweeter and upgraded finish options, though no rear firing tweeter like the flagship floorstander. Retail is reported at $7,000 a pair USD.

From the Norway based Electrocompaniet a stout and robust 800 watt mono (or stereo) amplifier, making its American debut at the Florida Audio Expo. The new AW 800M is a flagship reference level power amplifier that can be configured to both stereo and monoblock use, and features all-new internal designs that not only provide more power than the previous 600 watt flagship amplifier, but also deliver on the promise of better sonic performance. Retail is reported at $24,000 each USD.

Florida Audio Expo

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