House of Stereo (link) a Jacksonville, Florida High-End Audio dealer was on a roll in their home state, with exhibits both small and large, this one being the latter. Large is a bit of an understatement actually, but as they say — go big or go home. This is a statement system in both ultimate performance and sex appeal. Nothing says success like excess, and this system delivers.

On display: FOCAL speakers, Naim electronics

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Though the exhibit space for this particular system was much smaller than I would have liked, it offered the opportunity to get a closer look and listen to the ultra-fi components in the showcase. What’s more, it proved an immutable point: that speakers of large size should be able to achieve their sonic goals within small room limitations.

Florida Audio Expo

From the UK based Naim electronics, a full suite of the ultimate in statement piece electronics. A trio of electronic components that like the speakers, are themselves floorstanding. At the center Naim’s NAC S1 Statement Ultimate Preamplifier. Though the chassis of the preamplifier control tower has the looks of anything you’d see in the MoMA rest assured, this is a performance first piece of industrial art.

Watch a video on the Naim Statement Ultimate electronics here: VIDEO

On the flanks, a twin pair of Naim NAP S1 Statement Ultimate Mono Power Amplifiers. Over a decade in research and development, with a never take no for an answer attitude, and you arrive at what we see here. Enough power handling to bankrupt a small nation state, and a price that closely resembles a private school college fund. Nevertheless, it’s worth every penny. Retail for each component of the three-piece suite is reported at $99,999 each USD.

From the France based FOCAL speakers, a pair of Maestro Utopia EVO floorstanding speakers that feature three-way component drivers that deliver state-of-the-art performance across all frequencies. From bass to midrange to treble, and to all concerned parties not a worry shall be had. Superior metals like Beryllium make up the tweeter diaphragm, and the cabinet is available in luxurious supercar-like paint finishes and interior veneers. Do give their online catalog a whirl. Retail is reported to start at $37,999 each USD.

Florida Audio Expo

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