Fidelity Imports (link) is composed of lifelong audio enthusiasts and executives that have decades of global experience in consumer electronics. Their selected brands comprise a catalog of expertly curated high-end audio machines, of which several were on display at the Florida Audio Expo.

On display: Soul Note electronics, Perlisten speakers, turntable by Michell Engineering, digital by Innuos, and rack by NEO.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

With all but one of the 10th floor exhibit rooms dedicated to the high-end wares of Fidelity Imports, none impressed us more than the one that featured what we believe to be the best offerings across high-end audio and high-end home theater.

Florida Audio Expo

From the UK based Michell Engineering, a turntable that remains a relevant icon among audiophiles, and still en vogue as an industrial art piece. The original GryoDec turntable debuted in 1982, and four decades later the current day GryoDec SE remains the company’s best selling and most popular product to date. Over the years the GyroDec has seen incremental upgrades to its design and technology. Retail is reported at $5,498 USD with included TechnoArm 2.

From the Japan based Soul Note electronics, we find the Goldilocks proposition. The level 2 electronics represent the middle offering of refinement and excitement, but reflected no discernable compromises in construction, adornment, and quality from their upper and lower siblings. Even with the level 1 series on display down the hall, we were blown away by the fit and finish of the designs.

Soul Note was founded in 2004 by former members of Marantz Japan, and from that history a distinct passion for artisan design. Listening dominates the determination and improvement of circuit design, selection of parts, and mechanical construction.

In the system: Soul Note A-2 Integrated Amplifier $7,999 USD, Soul Note D-2 DAC $8,999 USD, and Soul Note E-2 Phono Preamp $8,999 USD.

From the American based Perlisten, comes the flagship S7t floorstanding loudspeakers. The Perlisten brand seeks to combine the best technical knowledge attained from executive experience in both the high-end audio and home theater markets.

To our ears, in this demonstration (and others down the hall), the goal has been achieved. Consider us impressed. Retail is reported at $19,990 a pair USD in special edition finishes (as shown).

Florida Audio Expo

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