Acora Acoustics debuted a new Sunset Fire granite for their acclaimed VRC flagship speaker, VAC electronics powered the whole affair to show stopping heights, VPI Industries turntables provided deep insight of the grooves, while LampizatOr handled all of the digital bits and made them sing, it was Cardas Audio that tied everything together with a nice little bow.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

It wouldn’t have surprised me one bit if Acora Acoustics founder Valerio Acora had stayed by the door of this sprawling exhibit and committed himself to the duties of handing out Acora branded socks throughout the weekend. The reason? Because anyone who took a seat for audition (anywhere in the room) would have surely had their socks blown off when the music started.

Yes, it definitely got loud, but the Acora VRC display was also one of the highest quality sounding exhibits of the show — even at high volumes.

Acora Acoustics

Acora Acoustics loudspeakers feature granite throughout each and every speaker (and rack or stand) they make. Granite provides a most stable material to abate unwanted cabinet vibrations, and allows the enclosure interior to remain uninterrupted by bracing structures that are often necessary in wood construction loudspeakers. Though, granite is not the whole story.

All of the Acora loudspeakers are painstakingly researched and modeled in various wood-type materials, and in that R&D form would still represent some of the best sounding designs available. Once the designs are finalized and transferred to granite modeling, and subsequently tweaked more, does the granite loudspeaker prototype go from just ‘class leading’ to attaining ‘untouchable heights’ of detail and musical insight.

Also on display were the Acora granite slab equipment racks, which offer an idyllic platform staging high-end electronics, but also for bringing to a standstill any unwanted room vibrations from making their way into the delicate tube electronics. Several of our team members have experienced the benefits of granite slab racks from Acora first-hand, and in-home, myself included.

If there’s anything lastly to be said about an Acora Acoustics exhibit it is this: The Acora VRCs are mandatory auditioning for those with big boy money looking to enter into high-end home audio at the summit level of sound. Yes, you can spend more, but the sonic capabilities of the VRCs may bring an abrupt end to your search for the ultimate in sonic bliss.

Acora Acoustics (speakers)

VRC-1 in Sunset Fire granite (as shown, price upon request) – base price $218,000 USD pr

VAC (electronics)

Statement 450 iQ Amplifier – $67,000 USD ea
Statement Line Stage – $80,000 USD
Statement Phono Stage – $80,000 USD

VPI Industries (analog)

Titan Direct Turntable – $60,000 USD
Hana Umami Red Cartridge – $3,950 USD

LampizatOr (digital)

Poseidon DAC – $23,000 USD

Cardas Audio cables throughout the system, prices vary.

Acora Acoustics

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