At this moment I’m not sure what’s tougher: the shot of small batch Kentucky Bourbon making its way down my gullet (at 9:50am), or the (non-ONENESS X G-SHOCK) G-SHOCK DW5600 that’s wrapped around my left carpus as I try to one-eye-write this intro. Thinking back to my first G-SHOCK, I recall it being acquired as a birthday gift sometime in the early nineties, and I know it still works to this day, though it’s been delegated to the workshop wall where the long since decomposed rubber strap has been replaced with perforated galvanized pipe hanger.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Come to think of it, I don’t ever recall any of my Casio watches ever biting the dust. They just get demoted from wearables and grafted onto the architecture of my properties in one manner or another. An almost certainly forgotten model is attached to my shaving mirror. Another around the three-on-the-tree shifter of my non-functional F100, probably still telling time to the ghosts of Nascar past who haunt that truck, and it’s probably held in place with government issue 100mph tape.

Anyways, the kids are back-to-school so on with the drinking show. Enjoy!




Oneness and G-SHOCK, two renowned brands in the world of streetwear, have collaborated on G-SHOCK’s classic
DW5600 timepiece for a limited-edition model to celebrate the timepiece brand’s milestone 40th anniversary

Combining the unmistakable durability and toughness of G-SHOCK with the spirit of Kentucky bourbon, paying tribute to Oneness’ roots, the DW5600ONS234 is a unique and captivating timepiece. Craftsmanship, legacy, and innovation make G-SHOCK synonymous with quality, and through the Oneness collaboration, this connection becomes even more apparent.


Kentucky Bourbon Inspired Design
Attention to detail is visible throughout with the straps of the watch showing off a gradient colorway print spanning from amber to deep reddish brown to represent the look of Kentucky bourbon.

Special Case Back Engraving
Unique case back engraving featuring Oneness’ logo.

Clear Bezel and Custom Dial Print
The bezel is clear resin, and the timepiece features gold IP (ion plating) on the buttons, and buckle for an elevated touch. To further highlight the collaboration, the Oneness logo can also be found on the face of the watch with the quote, “What Are You Waiting On.”

Special Packaging
The DW5600ONS234 comes in bespoke packaging reminiscent of your favorite bourbon, along with a fabric bag and branded stand.


  • Shock-resistant structure
  • 20-bar water resistance
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Multi-function alarm
  • EL backlight
  • Flash alert



Oneness’ start came in October 2007 hidden within a Lexington Kentucky shopping center. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that they relocated to the University of Kentucky’s campus at what would be their second, but not their final, home. -287 South Limestone; #THESTOOP!

Oneness’ business grew, as did their imprint and influence within the community. Oneness had rapidly transitioned into THE number one destination in Kentucky for all things premium in apparel and footwear. With well cultivated relationships within their community, Oneness became a pseudo-mecca for all things culturally relevant within their area.

This growth and transitioning wasn’t Oneness’ last. In February 2013, they opened their doors at their 3rd and current flagship location, 431 Jersey Street. Five years later, Oneness heard the response from the biggest city in the Bluegrass.

In the beginning of 2018, Oneness opened their newest location at 1051 Bardstown Road in Louisville. In the heart of the highlands, they continue to bring what they have always offered. At Oneness, they know that their responsibility begins and ends with the pleasing of their customers. Oneness believes in guaranteeing A1 service within their ever-evolving atmosphere.



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