MING 29.01 Dubai Edition

The MING 29.01 Dubai Edition exemplifies high-end horology with a unique narrative. Priced at CHF 22,000 and limited to just 25 pieces, this exquisite timepiece was unveiled following MING’s first major appearance at Dubai Watch Week 2023, specifically designed for Arabic-speaking collectors.

This edition distinguishes itself through its integration of Arabic elements. Arabic numerals and city names on the dials connect the timepiece to the wearers and their heritage. Additionally, this special edition introduces a rose gold finish for the micro-rotor automatic movement, enhancing the timepiece’s luxurious aesthetic.

Reporting by Zion-Grace Rosareal

The mature design language of MING’s 29-series is elegantly realized in the 29.01 Dubai Edition. The watch’s design, where the top crystal merges seamlessly into the case body, creates an illusion of liquidity and continuity. This principle extends to the sapphire dial, where city names and indices seem to float, adding depth and sophistication to the timepiece.

MING 29.01 Dubai Edition

A notable feature is the addition of a third ring and an offset marker to accommodate cities with daylight saving time. This thoughtful inclusion not only enhances functionality but also reflects MING’s dedication to detail and commitment to its global clientele.

The 40mm case, crafted from grade 5 titanium, strikes a perfect balance between size and presence. Its polished and blasted ‘flying blade’ lugs ensure the watch remains comfortable on a variety of wrist sizes. The impressive Schwarz-Etienne for MING Cal. ASE 222 movement features a rose gold micro-rotor, bidirectional automatic winding, a skeletonized barrel, and rose gold-coated bridges, showcasing a blend of precision and aesthetic pleasure.

Completing the offering is the accessory kit—a black elastogator strap, an additional buyer’s choice strap, and a leather travel pouch, all contributing further to a level of customization, exclusivity, and versatility.

The MING 29.01 Dubai Edition is an Arabic story to tell—a tribute to both craftsmanship and culture. It’s a must-have for collectors who want to experience the rich tapestry of human and horological history it represents.

The Ming 29.01 Dubai Edition is available to order here.

MING 29.01 Dubai Edition


MING 29.01 Dubai Edition

The 29.01 Dubai Edition is priced at CHF 22,000. Prices exclude import duties/taxes, include insured shipping via DHL Express.

A 50% deposit is required to confirm orders and the balance is due when your watch is ready. We expect to begin deliveries in Q3-2024.
We will be making 25 watches of this variant in total.

To commemorate our first participation in any major industry event – Dubai Watch Week 2023 – and by popular demand, we are proud to present the 29.01 Dubai Edition, a special worldtimer for our Arabic speaking (and reading) collectors.

Evolving The Worldtimer‍

We’ve made a couple of design and functional tweaks to differentiate this new edition of the 29.01 from its sibling: firstly, the debut of a rose gold finish for our second generation Schwarz-Etienne for MING ASE222 microrotor automatic, and adjustments to the city ring.
By collector request, additional cities have been added to the dial with numbers and city names now in Arabic. Furthermore, we have added a third ring to provide differentiation for the cities that accommodate daylight savings time, in addition to an offset marker to indicate time in these zones when DST is active.

29-Series Design Principles‍

The watch of course follows the 29-series concept of liquidity, with an organic form and smoothly flowing lines. There is no bezel, but instead the top crystal merges into the case body with no steps and plays the role of a bezel. Continuing this idea, the dial is also seamless: cities, indices and hands appear to float at different levels over a 24-hour disc with varying brushed finishes to differentiate day/night and different indication zones on the dial.

A peripheral ball bearing track mounts and rotates this dial, thus making it appear completely seamless. We also retain our trademark inversion thanks to the use of a sapphire upper dial which carries the cities, as well as sapphire hands. Both laser-etched and filled with HyCeram for great luminosity and night time visibility.

The 29-series case is sized at 40mm, but is visually larger due to the lack of bezel and the 34mm dial opening. Short lugs keep the watch comfortably wearable on a wide range of wrist sizes.

A deep sapphire box on the front serves as both crystal and bezel, seamlessly bonded to the grade 5 titanium case body. This case body carries the upper portion of the flying blade lugs that are a key feature of our second generation design language and shared with the 27-series and 20-series. Here they are polished and with an interlocking groove that keys into the caseback. Four Torx screws secure this and also appears seamless from the underside. Moreover, a polished top and bottom finish to the lugs contrast with the matte texture of the case sides, with dynamic sculpting continuously blending lug surfaces with case body. ‍

Second Generation Movement‍

Premiering in the original 29.01 Worldtimer, our second-generation version of Schwarz-Etienne’s microrotor automatic gained new bridge architecture to make it even more open and transparent, with many unique features that bring it in line with our latest design language. The barrel is fully skeletonized and more open than before for easier determination of state of wind; plates and bridges are now 5N rose gold coated with diamond cut anglage; the rotor guard is a whimsical four-level ‘staircase’ with anglage, and the rotor itself is a little larger with a new organic shape for higher winding efficiency. It has a new mounting system and ceramic ball bearings to improve winding efficiency and remains made of tungsten for density.

movement of MING 29.01 Dubai Edition

  • Hours and Minutes
  • World time function with DST display
  • Automatic winding via microrotor
Case, Dial, and Hands
  • 40mm diameter, 11.9mm thickness
  • Grade 5 titanium
  • Polished and blasted ‘flying blade’ interlocking lugs
  • Deep box sapphire crystal front with bezel-less construction; domed rear crystal; both with double-sided antireflective coating
  • Sapphire dial with HyCeram ceramic Super-LumiNova X1 fill
  • Metallic 24h disc with Super-LumiNova X1 fill
  • Sapphire hands with HyCeram ceramic Super-LumiNova X1 fill
  • 50m water resistance
  • 22mm lug width
  • Schwarz-Etienne for MING Cal. ASE 222, 31 jewels
  • 30mm diameter, 5.6mm thickness
  • Bidirectional automatic winding via microrotor
  • Skeletonized barrel
  • 5N rose gold coated bridges with diamond cut anglage
  • Estimated 70h power reserve at full wind
  • Movement adjusted to five positions
  • Black elastogator strap
  • 1x additional strap of customer’s choice
  • 22mm width, curved bars with quick release
  • Fitted with stainless steel tuck buckle with micro adjustment

– Leather travel pouch handmade in Kuala Lumpur by Studio Koji Sato
– 2-year limited mechanical warranty
– Made in Switzerland
– Edition of 25 pieces

MING continually aims to improve product where possible to improve aesthetics and functionality; to this end we reserve the right to make minor changes prior to final delivery.


MING 29.01 Dubai Edition

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