Today, under Mate Rimac‘s new leadership, Bugatti-Rimac launches the highly anticipated successor to the Chiron hypercar, the Tourbillon: An icon Pour l’éternité – for eternity. Named after the watch complication designed over 200 years ago to allow timekeeping movements to fight the effects of gravity, the Tourbillon is built to continue Bugatti’s legacy of man’s defiance of physics. The Bugatti Tourbillon outpaces earth’s gravity with significantly more than 1G of acceleration driven by its hybrid powertrain. The Bugatti-Cosworth co-developed, naturally aspirated V16 rages to over 9000 RPM making 1000 horsepower. The electric drivetrain consists of 3 motors, one on the rear axle and two on the front axle, combining to 800 horsepower, powered by a 25kWh battery. This is the largest battery fitted to a performance hybrid eclipsing the Koenigsegg Gemera’s 14kWh battery. The car charges from the naturally aspirated engine or from DC fast-chargers

Despite the Tourbillon’s electric drivetrain weighing 300kg, the Tourbillon weighs less than its predecessor. This was achieved largely with the use of metal 3D printed, generatively designed parts including the suspension and exhaust system. The hybrid drivetrain makes a combined 1800 horsepower, surpassing the Chiron SuperSport’s 1577 horsepower. The car can be driven in all-electric mode up to 39 miles, all-ICE mode, or hybrid mode for maximum power. The instrument cluster stays fixed in the center of the steering wheel and features a unique skeletonized analog tachometer made from ultra-high end watch-grade titanium gears, ruby bearings, and sapphire crystal covers. No part in the interior is made from plastic. The electrically operated dihedral doors adds a flair of drama to the Tourbillon’s elegant aesthetic.

This is an entirely new platform, and not a single part of the Tourbillon is shared with any other car. It’s not uncommon for watchmakers to hide the tourbillon mechanism despite its beauty, and like many tourbillon watches in haute horology, every part of the Bugatti Tourbillon hypercar is beautifully designed, even the parts you’ll never see.


Approximate performance numbers have been released:

0-62 MPH in 2.0 seconds flat without rollout subtracted

0-124 MPH in less than 5 seconds

0-186 MPH in less than 10 seconds

0-248 MPH in less than 25 seconds

Top speed of 276 MPH

Limited production of just 250 examples begins in 2026 with a starting price of €3.8 million.



Reporting by Jameson Mourafetis

Bugatti Tourbillon Electric Car
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