MSB Technology Cascade DAC

MSB Technology proudly introduces the Cascade DAC at Munich High End 2024, setting new standards in digital-to-analog conversion. This next-generation DAC features a sophisticated tri-chassis design. It includes the Digital Director for precise digital processing, the R2R ladder-based Digital-to-Analog Converter for rich audio reproduction, and the Powerbase for clean power delivery.

Reporting by Zion-Grace Rosareal and Jameson Mourafetis

Digital Director

The Digital Director is equipped with MSB’s signature user-swappable digital input modules, including MSB’s proprietary ProISL input, and a unique, custom, clock-slaved LED display. It handles all processing and digital input switching—generally electrically noisy processes—in a unit that is completely electrically isolated from the D-to-A section via their Cascade-Link optical interface.

MSB Technology Cascade DAC

Cascade DAC Section

The DAC section features eight of MSB’s new Hybrid DAC MKII modules, which provide ultra-high resolution, ultra-low noise DA conversion. It also includes MSB’s custom oven-controlled dual crystal 33-femtosecond clock, positioned closer to the DA stage than in previous MSB products. Additionally, it boasts an ultra-pure, constant-impedance, fully-balanced, differential, passive, analog volume attenuating output stage. The DAC can also accept analog inputs via an ultra-low noise, low-distortion buffer stage that is switched into the same analog output stage for supreme versatility.

MSB Technology Cascade DAC


The MSB’s Powerbase powers the DAC section, featuring discrete silicon carbide rectifiers and ultra-low noise linear power supplies with five rails in total. It connects to the Powerbase via the all-new MSB Summit umbilical cable.

MSB Technology Cascade DAC

The Future of MSB

The Cascade ushers in a new era of performance and state-of-the-art technology for MSB, surpassing even the Select DAC. While the Cascade is currently the flagship model in terms of performance, MSB is also developing an even higher-end DAC, the Sentinel. The Sentinel DAC won’t be available for an estimated two years, but MSB offers a trade-in program through dealers for MSB owners looking to upgrade. The Cascade is available in a variety of finishes, delivering superior sound purity within a luxurious aesthetic, appealing to the most discerning audiophiles. MSB Technology also runs a demo fleet available for select listening events, with the first customer units slated to begin shipping in July 2024.

MSB Technology Cascade DAC

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