Lorenzo Audio Labs launched their latest audio engineering advancements at High End Munich 2024. Also, they introduced a new showroom dedicated to the craft of high-fidelity sound. The 65 m² space, engineered with a 3-meter ceiling height and enhanced electrical setup, is ideal for developing and testing large loudspeakers. The event also featured the debut of the 2A3 preamplifier and 211PP monoblock stages. Alongside, the elegantly finished LM1 loudspeaker, which now boasts a sophisticated elm root finish and a precise birch plywood horn.


For more information about the new products and showroom locations, visit: www.lorenzoaudiolabs.com


About Lorenzo Audio Labs


“Everything you can imagine is real.” –Pablo Picasso


With this premise in mind, we envisioned what the best loudspeakers ever created should look and sound like. To achieve our vision, we investigated the sound produced by benchmark products during the hi-fi golden years, as well as the best that current science and technology offers. As a result of research, science, hard work, inspiration, and experience, LORENZO AUDIO LABS was born.


Our mission at LORENZO AUDIO LABS is to come as close as possible to the emotion at the heart of music – from recreating the delicate nuances of a baroque harp, to reliving the spontaneity and strength of a jazz quartet with all its presence and dynamism, to the sound of a great philharmonic, to allowing ourselves to be fascinated by the magic of the human voice.


Past, present, and future come together to achieve the most advanced, musical, and refined loudspeakers on the market at LORENZO AUDIO LABS.



Reporting by Zion-Grace Rosareal

Lorenzo Audio Labs LM1 loudspeakers in elm root finish
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