Divin Comtesse is the latest masterpiece in the high-end Göbel Divin series. This modestly-sized entry is designed especially for intimate listening environments. It encapsulates the series’ renowned sound quality and advanced technologies within a compact, elegantly engineered package. The Divin Comtesse features an AMT Tweeter with a unique waveguide for clear highs, and a large 8-inch mid-range driver. Complemented by a robust 8-inch bass driver and a Symmetrical Bass Reflex System, it achieves a balance of deep bass and detailed acoustic clarity. Debuted at Munich High End 2024, it retails for €59,000 per pair. It is perfect for those who appreciate the luxury of pristine sound in a stunningly designed, apartment-friendly package.



Reporting by Zion-Grace Rosareal

Göbel Divin Comtesse
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