CH Precision unveiled the C10 Digital to Analog Converter, their latest demonstration of digital audio precision prowess. This unveiling took place at the recently concluded Munich High End Show. The C10 DAC features a dual-chassis layout that isolates its audio circuit from power disturbances, incorporating 16 PCM 1704 R2R DAC chips in a revised sequential DSQ™ Phase Array topology alongside their proprietary PEtER Spline Filter algorithm for flawless sound reproduction. This advanced system supports processing rates up to 64Fs. High-pass filtering has been updated to a third-order Sallen-Key Bessel filter, reducing propagation error in the audible range to an unheard of less than 2 femtoseconds. Its power supply offers four independent DC feeds to ensure a pristine audio environment. Like CH Precision’s other offerings, the C10 is modular, upgradable, and updatable. The meticulous engineering, robust modular construction, and easy customization and upgradability distinguish the C10 DAC. This makes it an exemplary choice for audiophiles seeking the pinnacle of digital audio technology.



Reporting by Zion-Grace Rosareal

CH Precision C10 DAC
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