At the recent Munich High End 2024 audio expo, BennyAudio officially introduced the Odyssey, a cutting-edge turntable. It features a multi-tiered, multi-material platter system as well as a host of other technological advancements in turntable design for superior sound production. The platter is made from one layer of delrin and two layers of stainless steel. The plinth is crafted from aluminum and polyacetal, enhanced by a special-made POM (polyoxy-methylene) layer for superior internal vibration-isolation. Additionally, the stainless steel footers are equipped with inverted porcelain cup inserts, effectively isolating the table from external vibrations. The main bearing is constructed with a POM base, an aluminum body, a PEEK sleeve, a hardened steel shaft, and a custom-formulated sliding oil, ensuring smooth, quiet operation and durability.


The Odyssey can accommodate up to 3 tonearms concurrently and includes a single 14 inch tonearm (other lengths offered). This tonearm can be fitted with either a carbon fiber or titanium headshell, minimizing resonances while allowing for different effective mass ranges, maximum cartridge support.  The turntable’s ULPS-powered, three-phase, eight-pole, 20W BLDC motor drives a single 3mm VMQ belt, achieving a wow and flutter rate of just 0.07%, further underscoring BennyAudio’s commitment to precision and quality. User-centric features include soft start/stop, last speed memory, auto corrections, 13 backlight colors, a six-step dimmer, on-the-fly VTA adjustment, and smooth anti-skate adjustment.


With its meticulous design and robust feature set, the BennyAudio’s new flagship, the Odyssey, represents an excellent entry in the world of high end turntables.



Reporting by Zion-Grace Rosareal

bennyaudio's Odyssey Turntable
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