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Spirit Torino | FLAX 2023

Italian headphone manufacturer Spirit Torino has more in common with bespoke leather fashion houses than audiophile headphone brands. Everything they do is Italian through and through, and just about every visual aspect can be customized to your heart’s content. Their focus on touch, look, and experience is unique in the world of ultra high-end headphones, […]

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Moon Audio, Meze Audio, dCS | FLAX 2023

Moon Audio (link) is a North Carolina-based, primarily online dealer of all things high-end headphones. Drew Baird, Moon audio’s founder and president brought the largest collection of high-end headphones and headphone electronics to the show. They inventory just about everything, and move an enormous amount of product, which is how I assume they got their

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Aperio Black by Warwick Acoustics | FLAX 2023

Warwick Acoustics (link) is a UK based manufacturer of ultra-high-end headphone and automotive audio systems. Their unique, single stator, electrostatic drivers carry a bevy of world-first technologies (you can read more about them here) that come together to form all-in-one headphone and amplifier systems — like the Aperio Black — that offer world class resolution

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